The Computer Generation

Thinking of a New Computer?

Let us have one custom built for you. Our Kansas City based supplier will meet any specifications you might have for a system intended for home, business, or gaming use. Even though made from high quality components and backed up with a 3 year warranty, prices are very reasonable. Give us a call at 620-331-8903 to find out.

Phone Screen Replacement

We can replace most broken screens on iPods, phones and tablets. Call Jessie at 620-331-6191 for a quote to repair yours. Most iPhone screens are replaced for $95. iPods for $75

Come see our friendly staff to learn how they can get your baby looking like new again.

Cirrus Aircraft Impedance Matching System

We have developed an impedance matching system for many Cirrus Aircraft. If you would like to listen to an iPod or similar device over the aircraft headset, this unit is for you! Without it, the volume is extremely low; with it, our customers report great results. The price is $39.00, delivered in the US. Contact us at to order